...........Peter Alting Memorial Art Prize

About Peter Alting......

Peter was an esteemed and much loved artist who lived and worked in our community.
He helped us recognise and celebrate meaningful cultural values through ceramic art.

Peter's art was a celebration of his gifts, and the Peter Alting Memorial Art Prize scholarship aims to keep alive his vision of the arts being an enhancement of everyday life.

The photo below shows him working on the mural that now hangs on the Old Courthouse in the main street of Lilydale.  We celebrate Peter by using just a part of the mural as the header for our website.


This mural is large and imposing and you need to look at the original to fully appreciate and enjoy the phenomenal detail, the intricacies of the design and the overall meaning of the work.

Peter's mural in Beaconsfield

About the Scholarship 

The Peter Alting Memorial Art Prize Scholarhip is for excellence in visual or performing arts.

The scholarship is open to Year 10 students at Lilydale District School currently studying visual or performing arts AND who plan to continue this study at College level.

The Award consists of:

  • Certificate of Achievement presented at the 2011 Presentation Night
  • $200 towards ongoing costs of visual or performing arts studies (e.g., for materials, references, tuition fees, etc.)
  • the opportunity to have art work showcased or to perform at an appropriate Tasmanian Regional Arts exhibition or function

Eligible Year 10 students interested in applying for this Scholarship must complete an application form and hand this in to the School.

All applicants will be required to submit a folio (visual arts) or perform (music, dance, drama)


Year 7  Encouragement Award

As well, a student from Year 7 at the Lilydale District Junior High School will be nominated by the School to receive a $50 prize designed to encourage further study and involvement in visual or performing arts.





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