Lantern Walk

Lilydale Falls looked like a fairy dell, with lanterns marking out the walk around the park, lanterns hanging from trees and at different points around the walk, installations of lanterns created by a number of people. There were large shiny silver caterpillars slithering up a tree, gorgous paper lanterns dancing on distant branches, illuminated waterlilies in the quiet pools by the rushing river, exquisite silk lanterns right at the end of the Falls track..... Magical isn't the right word for it.

So many people made this a wonderful event - our bagpiper, the Lions Club sausages, the Fire Brigade's traffic management, the Launceston City Council for their sterling work after the big storm, Rob Paterson's donation of sand for the lanterns, the members of the Lilydale TRA who helped plan and set up the venue as well as serve hot drinks, the artists for their installations, Jenny Scott for the inspirational lantern workshops and so much of the beauty of the evening, Jillian Weston for her outstanding artistic direction of the park and Ian Williams, the supreme organiser who made it all happen.  

 Some of the team behind the preparation for the Lantern Walk, hard at work preparing the lanterns to light the path.

Ian & Jenny Scott hanging lanterns 

Brenda Bryce & Alison Johnston clearing the path for the walk.  

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