About the Lilydale Branch of Tasmanian Regional Arts

 We celebrate one of our artists, Peter Alting, through the use as our website header of a small detail of his mural that decorates the Old Courthouse building on Lilydale's main street, and through an annual Scholarship in Peter's memory. 


Tasmanian Regional Arts promotes excellence and diversity in arts and cultural activities for all Tasmanians.

Arts Lilydale delivers, creates, celebrates, enhances and supports artistic activities in the Lilydale region. The range of activities is vast covering the visual arts, performing arts and dance.

The Lilydale TRA meets monthly and regularly organises and hosts a range of events, some using local talent (of which there is much in this beautiful area) and some involving artists and performers from other parts of Tasmania or interstate. The fine choir Valley Voices, and the madcap Lilydale Players are core parts of Lilydale Arts.

Arts Lilydale is always keen to have more members involved. Please contact us to find out what is happening by emailing us at

Vale Carol Charlton

We have many members who have contributed many things over the years.

 One who really stands out is Carol Charlton. Not only did she do amazing things in her leadership of the Lilydale Arts Council, the forerunner of the Lilydale TRA Branch, but she also became a Life Member of the Tasmanian Regional Arts for her decades of hard work and energy in promoting the arts across all of Tasmania.

We thank Carol for her work and we continue to benefit from the fruits of her wisdom and legacy.  

We celebrate her on the new mural painted pole opposite the Pharmacy. A fabulous image by Leanne Hodgetts and it was completed in time for Carol to see it.  

 "Feathers" - from an exhibition of quilts in March 2011 at Providence Vineyard

 From a 2011 exhibition of works by local artist, Jenamaro.

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